Friday, August 13, 2010

People want to be successful or they dont.

Imagine trying to hold on to a set of 400lb dumbbells and swimming across
the English Channel at the same time. As much as I love to swim, and as
adventurous as I may be, that’s one feat I’m not attempting for all the money in the world! Why? Because dead weight sinks!

But as a home business coach & Kleeneze distributor I talk to far too many
people who try to hold on to the human equivalent of 400lb dumbbells in their

Here’s the deal:

Either people want to be successful or they don’t.

End of story.

You’re running a business not an extension of the Red Cross. Don’t get caught up in “rescue mentality” and think that you are a master motivator and people will be so moved by your words that they will transform overnight into successful distributors. It isn't happening J!

Now there are exceptions to the rule as with anything in life. However, from
my experience people are in the situation they’re in simply because they put
themselves there and aren’t willing to do anything to get themselves out.
They play the blame game and hold everyone and everything but themselves
accountable. They wait for someone else to solve their problems for them
and will even fight against someone wanting to help.

They drain your time, your energy and leave you emotionally and often
financially spent. This is what is known as the Sanborn Maxim:

"The distributors who are willing to pay you the least will always demand the most."

Take a bit of advice from me – cut your losses and cut them loose. As cold as
it may sound, it’s either your success or their continued failure. Which would
you rather have?

Bottom Line

Either people want to be successful or they don’t.

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