Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A mum's work is never done and replacing her would cost €60,000

A WOMAN'S work is never done and it is also hugely undervalued, a new study shows.

It would cost around €60,000 a year to replace the work done by a typical multi-tasking mother.
This includes jobs such as cooking, housekeeping, taxi-driving for children as well as being an event planner and gardener, a new study into the monetary contribution of stay-at-home parents shows.
Replacing the housekeeping work done by a typical mother alone would cost almost €8,000 a year, the study by Caledonian Life reveals.
Stay-at-home mothers perform a large range of tasks that include everything from being a tutor to school children, to acting as a psychologist to troubled teenagers. Now, insurer Caledonian Life has tried to put a value on these jobs and concluded that replacing a homemaker costs an arm and a leg.
The national average spent on childcare alone works out at €8,000 a year.
Replacing the housekeeping duties carried out by a mother or father who works in the home would come to €150 a week, based on around 10 hours a week at an hourly rate of €10. Over a year, this works out at €7,800.
Outside the great contribution that stay at home mums make to the house hold budget many are also setting up their own home based businesses.

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