Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to Make Money in a Recession

With so many people out of work, on 3-day weeks and taking wage cuts, people are now looking for alternative ways to make money. There are so many opportunities out there but before you go rushing into anything you have to do your research. New opportunities are popping up all the time, lasting for a few months or a year and then they just disappear as quick as they started. If you have joined one of these and worked your socks off for a year and just as you where starting to get the rewards from you investment of money time and effort they just disappear, this will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth with the home based business opportunity world.

Basically you need to be looking for a company with an established track record and proven success system.15 years ago I came across such a company. Unlike other conventional businesses at the time my only investment out side my initial £40 start up cost was my time and effort’s. I made money from day one and over a period of time I was receiving a residual income from my business. The name of this company is Kleeneze and they are now expanding their distributor base, so in you are looking to make extra money on a part or full time basis they are worth checking out.

Visit and see how you could be making money immediately.

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