Thursday, October 21, 2010

Boost Your Income

AS bills rise and Government cutbacks kick in, more people are being forced to find second jobs to make ends meet.
The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities out there to boost your income and no one knows that better than Richard and Natasha Daniel.
With two children – Sophia-Anne, five, and Anastasia, two – and a mortgage on their home in Orpington, Kent, life was expensive.
Despite working full-time, the couple needed more money every month to pay the bills.
“I was on maternity leave with Anastasia when we realised that having children is like having a second mortgage!” laughs Natasha, 38.
They needed something flexible that would work around family life and give them maximum freedom when they needed it.
More than 12 years ago Natasha, who works in office administration, had been an agent for home shopping giant Kleeneze, distributing catalogues door-to-door and taking orders for household and beauty products.

“We decided that this would be perfect for us again,” says Natasha.
They paid about £150 up front for 200 catalogues, which they made back in their first month. “We’ve also got to know our neighbours better and made some new friends,” says Natasha.
Richard, who works as a chef, and Natasha spend between five and 10 hours a week on the business.
“I worked out that the time it would take was no different to watching EastEnders and Coronation Street,” chuckles Natasha. “I don’t get to watch much TV but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!”
The children help, too. “If the weather’s OK they come with us when we’re making deliveries. It’s a real family business.”
Today, the couple are earning between £300 and £400 a month and hope to boost that as they take on more distributors themselves. 

Friday, August 13, 2010

People want to be successful or they dont.

Imagine trying to hold on to a set of 400lb dumbbells and swimming across
the English Channel at the same time. As much as I love to swim, and as
adventurous as I may be, that’s one feat I’m not attempting for all the money in the world! Why? Because dead weight sinks!

But as a home business coach & Kleeneze distributor I talk to far too many
people who try to hold on to the human equivalent of 400lb dumbbells in their

Here’s the deal:

Either people want to be successful or they don’t.

End of story.

You’re running a business not an extension of the Red Cross. Don’t get caught up in “rescue mentality” and think that you are a master motivator and people will be so moved by your words that they will transform overnight into successful distributors. It isn't happening J!

Now there are exceptions to the rule as with anything in life. However, from
my experience people are in the situation they’re in simply because they put
themselves there and aren’t willing to do anything to get themselves out.
They play the blame game and hold everyone and everything but themselves
accountable. They wait for someone else to solve their problems for them
and will even fight against someone wanting to help.

They drain your time, your energy and leave you emotionally and often
financially spent. This is what is known as the Sanborn Maxim:

"The distributors who are willing to pay you the least will always demand the most."

Take a bit of advice from me – cut your losses and cut them loose. As cold as
it may sound, it’s either your success or their continued failure. Which would
you rather have?

Bottom Line

Either people want to be successful or they don’t.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Part time jobs on the rise

Official figures show that the number of people claiming jobless benefit in the UK fell by slightly more than expected last month. The number of people in employment rose by its most in almost four years, helped by a record rise in part-time work.

The Office for National Statistics said the number of people claiming jobless benefit fell by 20,800 in June, its fifth consecutive monthly fall and a slightly bigger fall than the 20,000 analysts had forecast. That pushed the claimant count rate down to 4.5%, the lowest since March 2009.

The number of people without a job on the wider ILO measure fell by 34,000 to 2.468 million in the three months to May. That took the jobless rate to 7.8%, the lowest since January.

The figures suggest Britain's labour market may be slowly recovering, although there are risks ahead from government spending cuts which could lead to thousands of lay-offs in the public sector.

The number of people in work rose by 160,000 in the three months to May, the biggest rise since August 2006. But the increase was due to a record 148,000 rise in the number of part-time workers, while full-time workers increased by just 12,000.

The ONS said the percentage of workers in part-time jobs was 27%, its highest since records began in 1992.Average weekly earnings growth eased more than expected to an annual rate of 2.7% in the three months to May from 4.1% in the three months to April. Excluding bonuses, earnings growth slowed unexpectedly to 1.8% from 1.9%.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A mum's work is never done and replacing her would cost €60,000

A WOMAN'S work is never done and it is also hugely undervalued, a new study shows.

It would cost around €60,000 a year to replace the work done by a typical multi-tasking mother.
This includes jobs such as cooking, housekeeping, taxi-driving for children as well as being an event planner and gardener, a new study into the monetary contribution of stay-at-home parents shows.
Replacing the housekeeping work done by a typical mother alone would cost almost €8,000 a year, the study by Caledonian Life reveals.
Stay-at-home mothers perform a large range of tasks that include everything from being a tutor to school children, to acting as a psychologist to troubled teenagers. Now, insurer Caledonian Life has tried to put a value on these jobs and concluded that replacing a homemaker costs an arm and a leg.
The national average spent on childcare alone works out at €8,000 a year.
Replacing the housekeeping duties carried out by a mother or father who works in the home would come to €150 a week, based on around 10 hours a week at an hourly rate of €10. Over a year, this works out at €7,800.
Outside the great contribution that stay at home mums make to the house hold budget many are also setting up their own home based businesses.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

How to Make Money in a Recession

With so many people out of work, on 3-day weeks and taking wage cuts, people are now looking for alternative ways to make money. There are so many opportunities out there but before you go rushing into anything you have to do your research. New opportunities are popping up all the time, lasting for a few months or a year and then they just disappear as quick as they started. If you have joined one of these and worked your socks off for a year and just as you where starting to get the rewards from you investment of money time and effort they just disappear, this will leave you with a bad taste in your mouth with the home based business opportunity world.

Basically you need to be looking for a company with an established track record and proven success system.15 years ago I came across such a company. Unlike other conventional businesses at the time my only investment out side my initial £40 start up cost was my time and effort’s. I made money from day one and over a period of time I was receiving a residual income from my business. The name of this company is Kleeneze and they are now expanding their distributor base, so in you are looking to make extra money on a part or full time basis they are worth checking out.

Visit and see how you could be making money immediately.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Is this the first signs of green shoots?

Irish consumer spending rose in March and retail sales volume increased, according to the latest Central Statistic Office (CSO) figures.The volume of retail sales (i.e. excluding price effects) increased by 3.6% in March 2010 compared to March 2009 and there was a monthly increase of 2.6%. If Motor Trades are excluded the volume of retail sales decreased by 1.2% in March 2010 compared to March 2009 and the monthly change was +0.6%. A majority of sectors showed year on year volume increases with the most significant being: 1) Motor Trades up 21.9% 2) Non-specialised stores up 0.1% 3) Other Retail Sales up 8.4% and unemployment falling is this a signal that the Irish economy is stablising.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Pauline Palant
Wear the t-shirt, I got stopped by a woman on the road and got asked to put a catalogue through her door in the next street. Met her again on my travels and she asked me to put another one through her friends door. So 2 new customers picked up there

Janet Watts
I have also had people request the catalogue not only by wearing branded clothes but from having a sigh on the cars. From the car signs we have had in the last two weeks two people have asked for info. I also had some one request for information about Kleeneze when i was wearing the polo shirt subsequently they joined the business. So does these things work I think so.

Edward Tuite
Just some positive stories on retail this week, went out doing shop adds wearing Kleeneze branded clothing in 3 shops i was ask did i have a catalogue so give all three shops a catalogue all the staff had ordered products some time ago but had not see a Kleeneze Distributor for a long time so expect an nice order soon. One other lady who is doing Avon ask me for a catalogue as she had not seen anyone from Kleeneze for over a year, also one my customers when i was delivering order ask for a catalogue as she wanted to order more products her 2 orders were €94. Also have received 3 phone calls from shop adds and flyers, while doing some shopping in Power city a salesman wanted info on Kleeneze as he saw me leaving my Kleeneze cards on the counter, wearing branded clothing will get people asking what is it or they say you do Kleeneze.....

Anne Kilcawley
Went into the bank today wearing my Kleeneze branded fleece and the girl behind the counter asked me why I was wearing a fleece with Kleeneze on it. I told her I had my own distributorship, and she asked me to drop her in a catalogue. I dropped her back the catalogue and had inserted 5 Kleeneze flyers and asked her to distribute them to anyone she knows who may need an extra income, She said she'd be delighted.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reinvent yourself and make money

A DUBLIN bar is bucking the recession by offering customers the chance to set the price of a pint.
The Stock Exchange concept in Store Street's The Good Bits bar was launched a month ago and is popular with people looking for an after-work drink with a twist. Rather than paying a standard price for drinks, The Good Bits is bringing the concept of a stock exchange to the price of a pint.
The more popular a drink, the higher its price will rise, while other brands' prices will drop -- it means the cost of Carlsberg will fall if drinkers buy Heineken.
This may be the only time consumers and financiers are hoping the market will crash, as when the bar goes slow, the price of all drinks drops to €2.50.
Manager Alan O'Connor said that the concept is based on similar programmes in the US and UK, but The Good Bits is the only Dublin pub to exclusively use the idea.
He said: "It's a special offer with a difference. It gets customers more involved.
"If there are five friends and each buying a round -- it might cost one for €18 or the next might be €25.
"Items are displayed on our screens and prices are in real time. Beat that for value, and it's great fun to play for large groups of people."
The 'trading floor' opens every Thursday and Friday from 5pm.
And pubgoers will be happy to learn that the offer is not for a limited time only -- The Good Bits has no plans to scrap the concept.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

How to make money from home


Are you looking for a work-life balance? Have you decided 'I want to work from home', 'I want to be my own boss', 'I want to earn more money', I want to take control of my future' . . . are you looking for a proven, legitimate business opportunity but you don't know where to start? 
We understand that if you are visiting Work From Home sites and have since been bombarded with e-mails and telephone calls from people explaining to you why you need to join their business opportunitySound familiar?
There are thousands of, Work From Home, Earn Extra Income, Get Rich Quick sites out there, the secret is to distinguish between the scams and the genuine income opportunities that could help you find financial freedom and a better quality of life, working from home in the UK and Ireland.
Take the time to discover how our opportunity could change your Income and Lifestyle massively and give you the Income and Time to enjoy doing the things you love to do. 

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Working from home

Home workers’ primary place of work is usually at home as the name suggests, and is seen as a desirable option for most. Working from home is sometimes perceived to be unachievable, which is certainly not the case.
Working from home vs traditional job
Being employed is easy and straightforward in terms of tax, employment and legal worries, as these are handled by your employer on behalf of you. The fact that these worries are not your responsibility is a definite bonus. The downside to being employed is that most employers tend to cap your earnings potential with a yearly salary, so you get a fixed rate no matter how hard you work, which can be annoying and somewhat depressing.
Working from home on the other-hand takes the benefits of both employment and self-employment and adds a few extra benefits. You get the potential of earning as little or as much as you like, not having capped wages, means you can earn a salary allows you to live and work comfortably. If you choose the right money making opportunity your earning potential is unlimited
Fits around your existing commitments
Working from home is a good option if you need to care for a loved one, enjoy the single life, are in a relationship, or have a growing family. You can work the hours that suit you in a comfortable working environment. You can develop a part time extra income or a full time business of your own, and above all you are your own boss.
Flexible working hours gives you the flexibility to fetch children from schooling or be in for that important parcel delivery. Plus you will not have the expense of commuting to and from a place of work. Also working from home is less stressful, gives better well-being and self fulfilment

On the increase
Due to the economic downturn, home based opportunities are on the incline as a recent survey suggests. Companies are looking to save costs in any way they can. Employer’s building rental and other overheads are costly and can be saved by employing workers to do their work in the comfort of their own home. This increase in home-based opportunities gives a new spurt in employment opportunities and also offers greater advantages to most.
Thousands of people just like you
There's thousands of people all over the UK and Ireland are making money working from home with by following simple proven methods with home based income opportunities. These people are from all walks of life and backgrounds, from young mums looking for an extra income in their spare time, retired ladies and gents looking to top up their income and men, women and couples looking to work from home full or part time.
There has never been a better time to explore the possibilities of working from home and embrace the benefits of earning a extra income part time or making money from your own business fulltime.  

Friday, January 29, 2010

Choosing an Opportunity that is right for you

When looking at an Income or Business Opportunity it is important to do your homework. Too many people have got involved with opportunities that did not suit them, that is not to say that there was something wrong with the opportunity but it did just not suit the individual. Would you become a miner if you where scared on enclosed spaces?

The Products

  • Is the product or service in demand
  • Priced to sell
  • Repeat business

The Company

  • Track record
  • Stability
  • Support
  • Compensation plan

The people you will be in business with, are they?

  • Reliable
  • Successful
  • Dependable
  • Have a proven track record

Make sure that you research your chosen opportunity well.The internet is becoming a very important part of the home business world and with Google,Twitter,Facebook and Youtube you now have all the tools to get a serious on-line presence.Dont expect to do all your business on the internet as people buy people so good personal communication is the key to lasting success

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Working from home vs traditional job

Working from home vs traditional job
Being employed is easy and straight forward with your employer looking after tax and any legal worries.The fact that your employer does all this is a definite advantage.The downside to being employed is that most employers tend to cap your earning potential with a yearly salary, so you get a fixed rate no matter how hard you work,which can be annoying and somewhat depressing.

Working from home on the other-hand takes the benefits of both employment and self-employment and adds a few extra benefits. You get the potential of earning as little or as much as you like, not having capped wages, means you can earn a salary allows you to live and work comfortably.

There are many other advantages to working from home, You can earn an unlimited income because the harder you work the more you earn, working from home allows you to fit your family commitments around your work not the other way around and don't forget the long commute to work every day (the average Irish worker spends 6.3 hours every week getting to and from work) that's 6 hours every week you don't get paid for. 

The biggest advantage by far is the fact that you are your own boss and you can make money from day one.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bill Cullen

I met Bill Cullen for the first time about 25 years ago (if I am not mistaken it was in Joxer Dalys in Dorset Street Dublin) when I was just starting out in my first business venture. At that time all I knew about Bill was that he was the  man who bought a major car dealership for 1p. His first advice to me was choose a good mentor and that your "Ma was a good place to start" as she is probably the only person in the world that will always put you welfare and success first. Good advice.

How to make money

Friday, January 15, 2010

Irish Consumer Prices fell by 5.0% in the year to December 20091

Irish Consumer Prices in December, as measured by the CPI (Consumer Price Index) fell by 0.5% in the month, according to the CSO. This compares to a decrease of 1.2% recorded in December of last year. As a result, prices on average, as measured by the CPI, were 5.0% lower in December compared with December 2008. It was the first full-year decline since 1931.

The most notable changes in the year were decreases in Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas & Other Fuels (-21.2%), Clothing & Footwear (-14.7%), Food & Non-Alcoholic Beverages (-8.1%), and Furnishings, Household Equipment & Routine Household Maintenance (-4.8%). 

There were increases in Education (+11.3%), Miscellaneous Goods&Services (+5.4%), Health (+2.5%), Transport (+2.1%) and Alcoholic Beverages & Tobacco (+1.2%).

Services prices fell by 5.1% in the year to December, while Goods fell by 4.8%.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goal Setting

What sets those people who achieve their goals apart from those who don’t? The clue is actually in the question – it’s having a goal.

“When people tell us that their business isn’t moving forward as fast as they would like it to or that they are frustrated with their progress, our question back is always ‘what are your goals for the next 12 months?’ We are astounded how often people reply that they do not have any goals, do not know how to set them or are afraid of failure.

Quite simply, successful goal setting is – in our opinion – the one thing that more than anything else turned our lives and our business around. It’s simply too important not to do it.

The best goal-setting exercise we have ever found is the one in Jim Rohn’s excellent book, 7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness. We had never set proper goals, but this book taught us how. It shows that the key is to make a long list of everything you aspire to – at least 50 things to start with.

  • What do I want to see?
  • Where do I want to go?
  • What would I like to share?
  • What do I want to do?
  • What do I want to be?
With these half-dozen queries in mind, answer the primary question: What do I want within the next one to ten years? Don’t try to be too detailed now, this will come later. If you want a grey Mercedes 380SL with blue interior, just write ‘380’ and move onto the next item.

After you have completed your list, write alongside each thing the number of years you want to achieve it in – one, three, five or ten. Then check your goals are in balance. Too many one year goals means that you are not thinking big enough, while too many ten year goals is probably a sign that you don’t want to get to work today!

The next step is to choose four goals from each timeframe and then write a detailed description of that goal, followed by a paragraph of what it will be like when you achieve it and why you want to. If you find you cannot do this for any particular goal, this indicates that it is not a true goal for you.

For More on goal setting go to How to set and achieve Goals

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sales from home shopping Companies up

While the sales from most home shopping companies was up in 2009, the high street did not fair so well. Home and Internet shopping are now leading the way in retail recovery. More and more people are now getting involved in the industry and it is booming.Find out more.

High Street Sales 

Volume of Sales
% Change On Previous Month
Annual % Charge
September 2008
October 2008
November 2008
December 2008
January 2009
February 2009
March 2009
April 2009
May 2009
June 2009
July 2009
August 2009
September 2009
October 2009 (provisional)

Monday, January 4, 2010

82% rise in insolvency cases in 2009

82% rise in insolvency cases in 2009

Over 1,400 Irish companies were declared insolvent in 2009 - an 82% increase on 2008 - according to figures compiled by a major insolvency practitioner.
A similar rate of business closures is forecast for this year.
The new figures show that an average of four companies went out of business every day last year.

123 companies in manufacturing failed, while 58 businesses in the motor trade went bust.The data - compiled - showed that the services and hospitalities sectors experienced over 400 insolvencies.
O'Briens Sandwich shops and Budget Travel were among the high profile casualties.
More and more people are now turning to running businesses from home as a way to cut their expenses.